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SproutChef’s Basic Cooking Class

For Children K-5th grade (all ages work together).

Class Summary: The older chefs pair up with the younger chefs to demonstrate and be sous chefs for each other. Using safe plastic knives, the SproutChefs cut veggies and fruits for a communal meal or dessert to eat at the end of class. With adult supervision, the SproutChefs use safe low-temperature woks, griddles, and slow cookers.  After each class, the SproutChefs should be ready to prepare a simple meal or culinary treat, with minimal adult supervision.

Sprout Chefs cooking classes
Sprout Chefs: Cooking Around the World

Cooking Around the World

For Children K-3rd grade (Modified for 3rd-5th grade, without the gnome).

Class Summary: Hjördís (pronounced: yor’ dis) the gnome lives underground and is afraid of anyone who is different from him. He is especially suspicious of unusual food. As he gains the courage to come out of his dark hole, he meets people and tastes their food. To his surprise, he likes many of their unusual culinary concoctions. During this course, Hjördís takes the SproutChefs on a culinary adventure to Mexico, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kenya and more. This course is meant to open children’s minds to new and different foods as how to prepare them.

Stone Soup

For Children K-3rd grade (Can be modified for 3rd - 5th grade).

Class Summary: This class is based on the beloved folktale in which hungry strangers convince villagers to contribute a small amount of their food to a communal pot. In the beginning, everyone is reluctant to share, but together they end up creating a delicious soup. The shared soup transforms the village into a nourished, healthy and happy community.  Cultures throughout the world have their own version of the same tale.  Each week the children will hear a different version of the same tale and create a soup to reflect the story.  For Halloween, they will make Bone Soup.  During the holidays they will make hungry soup to create an awareness of those who may not have food during the holidays.  For the last class, the SproutChefs (as a community) will create their own stone soup recipe, make it and share it.  This is a great fall class.  Most of the soups are great for winter evenings. 

Sprout Chefs Cooking Classes
Sprout Chefs birthday party

Pies, Cakes, Cookies and More

For Children K-5th grade (all ages work together).

Class Summary: The older chefs pair up with the younger chefs to demonstrate and be sous chefs for each other. That way, the youngest chefs get one-on-one attention from someone that can read and teach them to measure and follow directions. Together they will eat or take home a different Sprout size dessert each week. Some classes are combined with children’s literature involving a recipe. Creativity is encouraged with recipes and storytelling.

Lisa also does SproutChef birthday parties

Prices vary depending on extras, but the starting price is $25 a child with a minimum of eight children. This includes the birthday cake and drinks.  Each child will go home with a boxed cake they iced and decorated themselves.        

Sprout Chefs birthday party

Fall Classes 

Stone Soup K-5  Mondays, October 7 - November 8, 4:00-5:00 p.m. 

Each week the SproutChefs will make a different soup using fresh and seasonal ingredients based on the much loved traditional stories.  Each week we will focus on a different culture.

For more Info click here. 

Creating Art with Food K-5  Wednesdays, Sept 11 - Oct 16, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

This is a Wayne Thiebaud-inspired cooking class.  The SproutChefs will make and decorate a dessert and then create an image of their confection on paper.  Each week will center around a pie, cake, cookie, sundae and/or more.

For more Info click here. 

Preparing Holiday Food K-5, Wednesdays, Oct 30 - Dec 4 4:00-5:00 p.m.

This class will start with Mexico's sugar skulls, Thanksgiving pies and end with Christmas cookies and more. 

For more Info click here. 


Middle-Schooler's Cooking and Super Club, Fridays, Sept 13 - Nov 8, 5:00 -6:30 p.m.

For the first class the SproutChefs will be given specific recipes to follow.  They will make dinner, set the table, eat together and then clean up afterward.  A topic of conversation will be introduced to create a sense of community.  At the end of class, together, they will create the menu for the next week with gentle guidance from Chef Lisa.  All ingredients will be provided.  Families are invited to join the last class for dinner. 

For more Info click here. 

Darien After School Programs
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