About Lisa

As a child, Lisa was a reluctant reader. She was not interested in Dick and Jane, which was the reading series that taught most Baby Boomers how to read. She saw reading as something she was forced to do and avoided it. It was not until her mother handed her a cake mix and let her bake her own cake that she began to understand the need to read. 

     She watched her mom bake cakes and longed to make her own. When she was probably eight years old her mom handed her the cake mix box, made sure she had all she needed and let her do it without supervision. She was allowed the luxury of making her own mistakes. Due to her poor reading skills, her first cake was a total loss. Instead of being admonished she was encouraged to try again. It allowed her to assess her own inadequacies and come to the conclusion that she had to master reading in order to bake. With her new inspiration, she learned to follow written directions and became an avid reader and cake baker.

     Later, Lisa became a first-grade teacher because she wanted to instill the love of reading, literature and creative writing at an early age. Like herself, some of her students were reluctant.  She tried different approaches to engage her students outside of the curriculum. It was logistically impossible to bake cakes at school. Now that she has the freedom to create the culinary reading experiences she imagined. 

     Her classes are of interest for all reading levels from kindergarten up.  She tries to create an atmosphere of curiosity so that children will want to try things new things.

Lisa Nelms, Sprouts Chefs Teacher

Lisa Nelms


"My son took the Cooking Around the World class and loved it! Chef Lisa has a gift for engaging and sparking an interest in all types of cooking and foods with the children. The highlight was my Kindergartener beaming and proud over preparing and eating Bi Bim Bop, I was amazed when he asked me to cook collard greens for dinner at home.” 

— Kerry M., mom

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