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SproutChef's Sweetie Pies

SproutChef classes began, earlier this year, using specific recipes. Now the final two classes allow for creativity, using the skills learned while following recipes. This week the SproutChefs made their own pie crusts using either graham crackers, lemon creams, Oreos or gingersnaps. They whipped up their own puddings and mixed in either candy bars or fruit. No nuts were used, due to allergies. They topped their pies with either a whipped topping or crumbled up cookies or candy. Their choice of flavors had to work well together, and presentation was important too. Once they were done, they created their own recipe card and gave their pie a name.

This pie was created by Hendrix at Royle. It is called Tropical Pina Colada Pie. Not only is it a culinary piece of art but he mixed lemon, pineapple and coconut together for a real tropical taste.

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