Teaching the life skills of eating right and food preparation to young children.


SproutChef’s cooking classes are created to introduce sprouting chefs to the pleasures and benefits of preparing healthy food. The ingredients are seasonal and fresh. The participants may follow a recipe or create their own recipes, depending on the lesson of the day. Without even knowing it, the participants have to follow directions, work together, measure, work with fractions and be creative. There are no worksheets, grades or evaluations. Everything is hands-on. The sprouting chefs are their own critics when they taste their food. For some classes, they will bring food home to share. Even the pickiest eaters will try new things in this atmosphere of curiosity, wonder, and experimentation. There is also a spirit of community.

Sprout Chefs Cooking Classes
Sprout Chefs Healthy Cooking

Every cooking session begins with decorating a cookbook binder and an apron. The binder goes home and the apron stays until the last class. Every class after that focuses on one specific recipe. If they like the day’s cooking project, they may print the recipe off the SproutChefs' website to put in their binder. Everyone’s cookbooks will be different depending on his or her interests and tastes. They will be encouraged to keep adding recipes to this book long after the class ends.