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  • Lisa Nelms

Welcome to Sprout Chef’s Cooking Blog

This first week the chefs decorated their aprons to use during class and made a cover for their cookbooks. Their cookbook binders came home after the first class. Each class after this week will focus on a specific recipe. If they like what they made in class, they may print the recipe from this site for their binders. Keeping the binders up is optional. Cookbook entries are not limited to Sprout Chef recipes. During the course, Sprout Chefs will be encouraged to add recipes from other sources and continue collecting long after they complete this class.

Sprout Chef’s cooking classes are created to introduce sprouting chefs to the pleasures and benefits of preparing healthy food. The ingredients will be seasonal and fresh. The participants may follow a recipe or create their own recipes, depending on the lesson of the day. Without even knowing it, they have to follow directions, measure, work with fractions, work together and be creative. Everything is hands-on. The chefs are their own critics when they taste their food. Sometimes they will bring food home to share, but hopefully, they will be inspired to recreate Sprout Chef recipes at home for you.

Whether you are a student in the class or a parent, please return next week to see the lesson and recipe for the week. Also, I encourage you to share your opinions. Did your families like the recipes? Do you have your own recipes to share? How do you get your parents/children involved in the kitchen? How do you get picky eaters to try new things?

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