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ChefSprout's Ramen Noodle Bar

Healthy noodles for kids

The holidays are over. Many of us indulged too much on egg nog, gingerbread lattes, candy canes, and popcorn balls, just to name a few. The end of the holidays can be tough on our taste buds, because we have grown accustomed to the taste of too much sugar. The goal for this week's class is to encourage SproutChefs to find their favorite healthy foods and create their own ramen noodle bowls. They may take their soup home to be sampled by the family. Of course, some Chefs like their cooking so well that their creations never make it past the classroom door.

I was sorry to miss the virtual cupcake bakery class last week. Chef Carson took some great pictures! I wish I could have been there to see all the wonderful creations. I spent the week in Kripalu learning how to make healthy food. Hopefully I can pass all my new found information on to my SproutChefs.

Kids decorating cupcakes

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